Monday, March 7, 2011

Pembunuh Kucing Minta Maaf??


Korang mesti ingat kes seorang tomboy yang kantoi membunuh anak-anak kucing dalam rakaman CCTV aritu kan? Pastu baru-baru ni dalam sidang akhbar, dia selamba kata mintak maaf.. dia buat macam tu sebab tertekan dengan perpisahan keluarga dia. Cet!!!! Ini semua alasan.. Kalo aku, aku takleh terima. Dah dia tak suka kucing, pastu suka-suka bunuh kucing, pastu mintak maaf. Hukuman perlu dikenakan..

Ni petikan berita dari The Malay Mail:

Cat abuser says sorry

Sunday, March 6th, 2011 19:14:00
serdang cat abuser
CHOW: Please forgive me
SERI KEMBANGAN: "I am sorry. I promise not to repeat the shameful act and would learn to love and appreciate every living being."
These were the remorseful words of Chow Xiao Wei, who had been identified as the person who had openly abused several kittens in a video posting which had gone viral on the internet in the past week.
Chow 21, who was met at a Press conference organised by Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching this morning, said she regretted what she did and hopes the public would accept her apology.
"With all honesty, I sincerely apologise to the community, especially animal lovers on my shameful and cruel acts against the three defenseless kittens.
"I couldn't control myself and I admit I made a huge mistake and I regret my actions," Chow said.
She said her mother, Cheong Poh Ling, was also upset with what she did and had brought her to a hospital to undergo a psychological evaluation.
Chow admitted that she only realised she made a mistake after she viewed the video clip of her abusing the kittens.
"My only hope is for the community to accept my apology. I promise not to repeat the shameful act and would learn to love and appreciate every living being."
Cheong, who accompanied her daughter during the Press conference, said she was caught off guard by her daughter's actions and hoped the public would give her daughter a chance to repent.
"I'm shocked by my daughter's actions, she has never had any discipline problems in the past. I humbly and sincerely hope as a mother, the public would give my daughter a second chance to make a major improvement as I know her doing was very wrong.
"I never raised her to be such a brat. Because of this, my business is affected. I had to close shop, after constant harassment from the media.
"My daughter told me, while torturing those poor little kittens, she had no idea that they were already dead."
An enforcement officer from the Selangor Department of Veterinary Services, who was also present, said he was there to get a statement from Chow.
Masdin Ubin said: "This is a new case. There has to be a report made to us at our headquarters, for possible action to be taken."
Teo said Chow was prepared to face the music as well as legal actions if there were any to be taken against her.
Meanwhile, the president of non-governmental organisation Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB), Christine Lai, who was also present at the news conference, said even though she was appalled by Chow's actions, MDDB would like to help Chow if she truly regretted her actions.
"We are willing to sponsor her to get proper psychiatric treatment at the University Malaya Medical Centre.
"We urge the authorities to help her, but at the same time take proper and immediate action on her, as a reminder of her cruel act. We told her that she would be monitored by us and she should perform community works."
Both MDDB and its counterpart Malaysian Cats Care Project urged the government to increase the penalty on animal cruelty.
"No matter her reasons, Chow committed an inexcusable offense and we urge the authorities to take the necessary action against her."
On March 3, The Malay Mail reported on the five-minute CCTV footage, which was the latest animal abuse clip to surface less than two months after the country was rocked by a poodle abuse video.
The cat abuse clip showed the youth using an umbrella to poke and then kick, beat and stomp several kittens to death.
Over 2,500 Facebook users, both local and overseas, commented on the video, expressing disgust and rage over the youth's behavior.
If found guilty under Section 44 of the Animal Act 1953 (revised 2006), Chow would be imposed a minimum fine of RM200, a six-month jail term or both.

Untuk sape yang belum pernah tengok video kekejaman tomboy ni, silakan menonton sekarang:


  1. ouh! cat killer...patot kena hukum si tomboy tuh..grrrr..penjara!

  2. kak ct sokong tapi macam mana cara nak ajar dia spt saman ke or hantar suruh dia buat social works macam artis luar negara.

  3. em meh cni aku sula lubang jubur die dgn kayu


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